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Awaken the Hunter Within

Tanasi Bows, located in Tennessee, produces high-performance fiberglass bows.

Joe Darnell, bowyer and owner of Tanasi Bows, is a perfectionist in his craft.  He has been building various types of bows for over fifteen years and has been active in the archery community for quite some time.

Joe Darnell began crafting bows to satisfy his Native American calling to reconnect with his ancestors.  The name 'Tanasi' derives from the Cherokee town of Tanasi in Vonore, Tennessee, and is also where Tennessee gets its name.


11/26/11 - Took this nice 8-point with a Tanasi Warrior Hybrid Longbow.  The bow is 43# @ 28".  Used a Goldtip arrow with 190 grain Simmons broadhead.

8-point buck taken with a Tanasi Warrior Hybrid Longbow in '09.

Composed and arranged by Wade Darnell
Copyright © 2008 Wade Darnell Music (BMI)
Banjo, mandolin, and guitar - Wade Darnell